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Devoted2Home Boldon Budget Bedroom Furniture with Narrow Chest of 5 Drawers, Wood, White

Most drawers are factory-made with the help of wood and are considered as the long-lasting drawers. A lot of people use their chest of drawers to stock and tidy diverse pieces of clothing from top to bottom for instance underwear in the first drawer, socks in the second drawer, T-shirt further down etc. Without chest of drawers, your home, bedroom or office will be in a messy state and therefore they are the true lifesavers in every house.

Selecting the best chic narrow wooden chest of drawer plays a vital role in for the better appearance of your house to store away all your clothing or books if you like reading a book before bed.


The Chest of Drawers from the Boldon Bedroom Furniture Range is fashionable and reasonably priced. The 5 Drawer narrow chest is a good dimension to store away all your dress in the bedroom. Devoted2Home 5 Drawers Comes in White Effect Finish with silver plastic handles. Additional Items in the Range included 1 Drawer Bedside Cabinet and 2 Door Robe.


  • Family Boldon
  • Finish Foil Finish
  • Colour white
  • Item 5 Drawer Narrow Chest
  • Product Size W343 x H885 x D330mm
  • Foot Plinth
  • Material 15mm foil faced chipboard


  • Supplied flat packed and needs do-it-yourself in the home
  • Dimensions: Height 88.5 x Width 34.3x Depth 33 cm
  • Plastic Runners
  • Colour: White
  • Compact Chest of Drawers for Narrow Spaces
  • Grey Plastic Handle

Devoted2Home furniture Chest of 5 Drawers may be integrated inside your bedroom as well as in another living room area thanks to its up-to-date and narrow trendy design in a classic look. If you’re looking for a flexible storage answer, this Narrow Chest of 5 Drawers is your best solution ever, things like jewellery, flower, makeup or any other belongings that will need to stay away from dust. You can also use the top for smaller things such as speakers, lamps or books etc. Your new Chest of drawers will require to self-assembly, it will come fully flat packed, it is easy to assemble.

Devoted2Home Boldon Budget Bedroom Furniture Chest Drawers is the appropriate quality for people who fancy and looking for a simplicity interior design.

Also, this chest of drawers is easy to move and fit in many places for example agencies, hotel and at workplaces for storing archives, folders, books, shoes, or clothes etc. In general, drawers are the ideal and brilliant choice for storing your things in a nice place away from dust for an organised and tidy office or bedroom.

The Chest of Drawers, Wood, White well-designed cabinet has five drawers with silver plastic handles. If you are seeking for a good quality item with especially good value for money, Devoted2Home Chest of Drawers is ideal for your living room, bedroom, office etc.

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