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bedzonline Open Coil Memory Foam Mattress, Fabric, Black, King


When good things combine then you get a bedding arrangement like the Black border mattress king-sized bedzonline Open Coil Memory Foam Mattress Fabric. Have you ever questioned what you could be missing out while you are using a regular mattress for sleeping? Well, you will never know except you plunge into the smoothness and luxury of the damask fabric. What’s so different about it? You will discover here as you learn about the importance of the following features included in the mattress.

Our Open coil and memory foam black border mattress are fantastic quality packed with a double comfort combination of open coil springs and a thick memory foam layer hand built by our skilled craftsmen in the UK. The modern black border design sets an outstanding look and feels to the mattress which enhances it even more with the luxury damask fabric. The combination of both supplies gives unbelievable support to the body and is extremely responsive to any type of body shape, so everyone can mould to this mattress. Our memory and open coil mattress have side aeration which guarantees breathable for eternal retrieval of the material.


Damask is the top fabric design and quality you can get while appreciating pure cotton cover on the mattress. Though the inside of the mattress is in memory foam, the external side would be in damask fabric to give you the nicest feel and touch with self-coloured design and patterns. That’s why damask is rich and full of visual appeal and great to touch too.

King size

It’s always great having a king-sized bed to relax and sleep for two people, and even three people when you have a kid. This means it’s the flawless mattress for a lovely family if the kid is sharing the same bed with parents, and the perfect mattress for a couple. Also, if you are planning have the entire bed for yourself, then you have all the area to roll over and enjoy.

How to choose the best mattresses

The best mattress should have the following quality below:

Body support: a good mattress should retain your spinal in the same form as when you’re standing up and when lying on the bed.

Durability: a decent mattress will not get firmer or softer over time.

Stabilization: Lying on a good mattress, you’re less likely to wake up when your partner changes the position from side to side, side to back or moves in the night.


  • Black border memory foam and open coil mattress
  • Modern design for a superior look
  • Exceptional contouring to any body shape
  • Medium to a soft mattress
  • Luxury damask fabric
  • Breathable fabric
  • Hand built by skilled craftsmen in the UK
  • Depth: 8 inches
  • Sizes available: 3 ft single 4ft small double 4ft double 5ft king-size

Box Contains

 1 x Open Coil Memory Foam Mattress, 5ft King Size, Black Border

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