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This memory and economy reflex foam mattress are hands made by our skilled warehouse team using high-quality materials. A thick layer of reflex foam is used as the support foundation layer topped with a layer of memory foam providing body moulding comfort to adapt to your body shape releasing weight points across the body. This mattress is appropriate for allergy and asthma sufferers due to it’s hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite properties. In addition, all our mattresses meet UK statutory flammability guidelines.

Memory foam

Memory foam is a gift of up-to-date technology to mankind. It’s such an adjustment for relaxing, sleeping, and lumbar support at numerous levels, that this material has been an enormous success, and has found wide-ranging usage in the creation of mattresses and cushion, pillows and other backing systems.


The memory and economy reflex foam mattress, white, single budget, is designed to avoid allergens come in contact with you. This is made of hypoallergenic material. And therefore, probabilities of asthma and other allergies are rare to negligible when you use this memory foam mattress.


This mattress is comfortable, it offered great comfort and support, without any of the problems due to its softness yet firm. Bedzonline mattress really helps give a good night’s sleep, whether you are a side sleeper or any other position. The single budget foam mattress is designed to let air to simply flow through it which means the bed manufacturing as breathability. The key purpose of this is simply about stopping the body from sweating in the summer and keeping the body warm in the wintertime.


  • Fantastic quality economy reflex and memory foam mattress
  • A soft and luxury feeling mattress
  • Conform to your body shape to relieve pressure points across the body.
  • A thick layer of reflex foam is used to act as the support mechanism/foundation layer in this mattress. It is designed to distribute your weight.
  • Great for allergy and asthma suffers
  • Main colour: White
  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Mattress requires up to 72 hours to fully expand once opened.
  • Initially, there is a chemical smell from the mattress, and this also takes about 72 hours to clear

Boxe Contains

1 x Budget Economy Memory Foam Mattress, 3ft Single


The Bedzonline Economy memory foam mattress is fantastic quality. The current fabric gives the mattress an exceptional design and luxury feel.  The Economy Memory Foam Mattress gives conform to your body shape to relieve pressure points across the body. This improves blood circulation and improves your sleep.