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Reviewing the Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Premium incl. accessories

The Kärcher Window Vac WV2 Premium incl. Accessories, Window cleaner for Windows, Tiles, Shower & Cabinets is one of the most powerful windows and glass cleaners one must have at home to clean all domestic objects with such plain, greasy and smooth surfaces. This is one of the useful stuff in your home, which helps clean cars, glasses, table tops, tiles, shelves and all such smooth surfaces with no trouble without line marks and water drop marks. The battery charged has a 25-minute battery run time cleaner does not needs a power cable, cleaning up to 75m² per charge.


  • Efficient: Original Kärcher Window Vac removes wastewater from surfaces immediately before it drips down – crystal clean windows without drops or streaks
  • Nozzle attachments: Choose between two sizes of blades to clean large glass surfaces or smaller windows and cabinets – the Kärcher WV 2 Premium makes all corners of your home sparkle
  • All-in-one solution: Perfectly suited for window cleaning as well as other smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors, showers and cabinets
  • Maximal flexibility: The powerful lithium-ion battery cleans approximately 25 windows (surface area of 75 m²) on a single charge
  • spray bottle with microfiber cleaning head, detergent concentrate (20 ml), as well as a battery charging device

 Design ergonomics

The design is honestly ergonomic. There is a good handle making it easy to hold, grip, and carry and work on with. The battery-powered cleaner does not need cable to be carried along with it to clean outsides. You can use it anywhere around the house or outsides, move around with it with complete mobility. The edges are simple to change, and you can switch between a big and small blade to clean small and wide-range surfaces. The angles of the blades can be manually adjusted additional to more ease of use.


The window vac 2 cleaner is coloured in black and yellow. This is a bright colour mixed with the fine body design. The handle is sleek and easy to hold and looks good as well. Appearances wise the cleaner looks promising.

Battery life

The battery life of the window cleaner is remarkable. The powerful lithium-ion battery cleans almost 25 windows (surface area of 75 m²) on a single charge can be cleaned with the cleaner with one single charge of the battery.


The utility of the cleaner is found in washing glasses, tiles, shower cabinets, mirrors, cars windows, etc. All such smooth surfaces which need spot free spic and span cleaning require this cleaner. The cleaner can be used to slide easily over all such smooth surfaces.


The Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Premium incl. Accessories, Window cleaner for Windows, Tiles, Shower & Cabinets window cleaning set comes with an extra battery, extra spray bottle, detergent concentrate, microfiber cleaning head indoor, broad and narrow suction blades, battery charger and all. With so many accessories, an extra replaceable battery, and promising utility and design, the window vac cleaner is a must-have cleaning tool to keep in a small office or household.

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