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Numatic Henry Bagged Cylinder, 620 W, 6 Litres, Red

Vacuums these days come in all forms and dimensions, all of them packed with a diversity of features so you can figure out which will best suit your requirements. Numatic HVR 160 Henry Compact Vacuum Cleaner 6 litre 620-watt Red is one of the best vacuum’s cleaner makes when it comes to spending for a new vacuum that will get the job done.

Henry Bagged Cylinder It’s a vacuum cleaner made in the UK since 1981 and will certainly one of the well-known cleaner brands of all time. Numatic Henry it a great doer for domestic purposes, small offices and shops. One of the preferences features is a large 6-litre capacity bag, which means you don’t have to empty it frequently, durable shell, a range of attachments and large 10-metre cable will make a great addition in your household.

Cylinder vacuums

Cylinder vacuums look like the old-style type of a vacuum cleaner and are cheaper than their standing counterparts. Cylinder vacuums are lighter and don’t take more spaces and they are most suitable for cleaning stairways, furniture, and small spaces. They can be bagged or bagless and some models are particularly designed to let you vacuum persistent pet hair from sides around your household.


Henry model comes with a dust-bag inside the main partition of the vacuum cleaner to stock the dust, dirt, hair, and the whole dirty thing you might pick up as you clean. These can also be emptied and put it back in place or disposed the entire bag and changed with an additional bag.


  • Hygienic: All the dust and dirt are kept inside a sealed bag which is helpful for those who suffer from have allergies.
  • Easy disposal: There are no worries when it comes about the dust falling all over the place and ruining your newly vacuumed rug when you open the bag to dispose of the insides.

Henry is model eco-friendly that help you save more on energy costs, it also comes packed with supportive features such as the TriFlex Filtration System (improving filtration, hygiene and capacity), a high competence motor, and a rewindable cable.


  • Costly: If you have the type of vacuum that needs you to insert a new dust-bag when the preceding one is full, over time this could feel a bit expensive.


  • A class energy
  • Stainless steel tube set
  • Cable rewind system

Verdict: Best cylinder vacuum cleaners

If you are off to buy a vacuum cleaner at an economical price, then you’ll appreciate is a beautifully Energy Class A appliance that will assist you well over the years. Henry has never knowingly let anyone down, so happy shopping