Purchasing Febland Grey Cleo Fabric Two Seater Sofa, Fabric

The Cleo grey Fabric Two Seater Sofa has a comfortable curved upholstered seat with a luxurious grey or teal button back fabric, rho-bust dark brown wooden legs and sufficiently of padded support.

What Is Upholstery?

This is the stage of style, comfort and luxury and upholstered furniture is much in request for its atmosphere. Upholstery is the materials which contain fabric, padding, webbing, and springs that make up the soft covers of seats, sofas, leather cover and other furniture. The word upholstery originates from the Middle English word upholder, which referred to a craftsperson who detained their goods.

There are numerous types of upholstered furniture and these are single sofas, double seater sofas or triple seater sofas, lounge chairs, divans, dining room chairs and much more. Quite a lot of clients choose upholstered furniture, because of its colour mixture and numerous designs offered by this model.


Febland Grey Cleo is long-lasting and decent quality furniture that needs very low care. This means you can give it a quick cleaning each week or every couple of weeks and gives a perfect look to your interiors whether is a living room or office waiting room. The Cleo fabric two seater sofa is quite a durable furniture that can be purchased in a perfect budget and this needs not to be on the higher side. There are many qualities of furniture that can perfectly fit within your budget. The Cleo fabric two seater sofa is rather a piece of durable furniture that can be purchased economically for that purpose we recommend this.

Why Is Upholstery Important?

 Fabric makes a first and long-lasting impression on peoples, so it’s important that its appearances are perfect. Whenever you are choosing materials to accompaniment your bits, it is advised to divide them into fabric groups, bearing in mind how easy it to upholster, the nature of the pile, the Martindale rating and the fire retardancy. All these elements affect how the fabric will look over time, particularly when you throw outlines and curves into the mix or broad ribbons of material.


The style of this two seater sofa is obvious for its fine design, you would love to own and display it in your living room, office area or balcony. If you own one, it would surely be an item of envy for your visitors just because of the simplicity stylish style and design.


  • Cleo Grey Fabric Two Seater With Wooden Legs
  • Also Available In Teal
  • Height : 79cm Seat Height : 46cm Seat Width : 104cm Width : 130cm Depth : 74cm
  • Matching Tub Chair Also Available


Buying Febland Grey Cleo Fabric Two Seater Sofa, Upholstery Fabric might be a great choice for you or professional upholstery businesses and due to their durability a great option to use in small places such as in a double bedroom for people who are renting a flat, office area or public spaces such as coffee shops.

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