Hallway Cabinets

JVL Jasmine Country Matt Wooden Cabinet, White, 4 Drawers

Most cabinets are factory-made with the help of wood and are considered as the long-lasting cabinets. Without cabinet drawers, your home or office will be in a disordered state and therefore they are the true lifesavers in every house.

Choosing the best designer wooden cabinet drawer plays a vital role in for the better appearance of your house. Jasmine Country Matt Wooden Cabinet designer is a white and a elegant furniture by JVL.


  • Elegant cabinet with 4 drawers, plenty of storage space
  • Beautifully crafted from paulownia wood with a matt white painted finish
  • Wooden drawers have a cupped charcoal handle to the front
  • Ideal for your living room, bedroom, dining room etc.

The JVL cabinet may be integrated inside your bedroom as well as in another living or work area thanks to its latest and fashionable design in a classic country look. Matt Whitewood mixed with charcoal handles give the cabinet a beautiful image which is suited to any atmosphere.

How Easy Am I Going To Put Together?

Your new cabinet of drawers will not require work to self-assembly, it will arrive fully assembled for your benefit. All you have to do is to place it in an area where suited for a better aesthetics of your home.  The box will contain only 1 JVL Cabinet suitable for your lovely home.


  • Size: 37 x 29 x H81 cm approx.

JVL Jasmine Country Matt Wooden Cabinet is the suitable quality for people who fancy and looking for the elegant interior design.

Furthermore, this Hallway Cabinet is comfortable to move and fit in any rooms for instance offices, hotel and at workstations for storing archives, folders, books, shoes, or clothes etc. Overall, Matt Wooden Cabinet, drawers are the ideal and excellent choice for storing your belongings in a nice place away from dust and dirt for an organised office or room.

The white elegant cabinet has four drawers with a cupped charcoal handle to the front. It is a good quality item with especially good value for money, ideal for your living room, bedroom, office etc.


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