Bedroom Chest of Drawers

Product Review: AC Design Furniture 63374 Suwen Multi Drawer Chest


The AC Design Furniture 63374, Suwen multi-drawer chest is a high-utility furniture for homes. It is a compact chest with dimensions of 32 x70 x81 cm (L x W x H). It has 11 storage compartments of different sizes which can help the users sort their storage issues and keep their stuff organized. The furniture has a nice retro look which adds to the aesthetic look of the house. It is made of pine wood and is sturdy. It has a white exterior which blends with any colour scheme which adds to its visual appeal. The product can be used in different ways. It can be used as hallway furniture, bedroom chest of drawers or as a bedside table with drawers. The furniture retails for £186.13 online.

Key Features

The key features and specifications of the product are detailed below:


The chest is made mostly of pine wood and has a white coloured exterior. The drawers are made of MDF laminates. The furniture overall is sturdy and will last a long time if proper care is taken by the users.


The chest is well-made with good quality of woodwork and craftsmanship. The drawers are multi-coloured which provide a stark contrast with the white exterior. The product provides a classic and clean aesthetic to the home. The knobs on the drawers with woody finish add to the look of the chest. The white exterior makes the chest blend in with any colour scheme which again enhances the aesthetics of the home.


The furniture is a bit bulky as the total weight of the multi-drawer chest is 15Kg. The shipping weight is 19.9 Kg.


The chest needs minimal installation. After purchasing the users can request the technicians for an installation. Else they can do the installation on their own also as only the legs have to be put on in place.

Storage Capacity

The chest has 11 different sized storage units. It does not have a cupboard. The storage units let the users sort their materials and keep them organized. The storage drawers do not have rails, but they are still smooth to slide. It also comes with a stop which prevents the drawers to be pulled out completely.


The chest does not need intensive maintenance and upkeep. It can be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth which will remove the dust and other stains. It can be polished and varnished for a long-lasting gloss which makes it appear like new.


The AC Design Furniture 63374 Suwen Multi Drawer Chest is a multi-purpose furniture which is characterized by a clean design and sturdy build quality. The overall quality of the product is good and the multi-coloured storage units add to its beauty. It has 11 storage compartments of different sizes, each fitted with a woody finished knob. It does not need any expert supervision for installation and the users can do it themselves. The chest needs to be dusted with a clean cloth to clean the dust. It is a highly recommended storage furniture for the modern home.

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