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The Brita Maxtra is a high-quality water filter that makes sure that every drop of water your drink has a great taste and it is clean and safe. This product has a lot of features that differentiate it from other similar brands. The excellent customer ratings and reviews are proof of the excellent product that this is.


This product has a cartridge that is 100% recyclable. This gives you the assurance that every drop of water you consume will be pure and refreshing. This cartridge also makes the use of this product economical since for every litre of water that is provided, only a pence is used.

This product has incorporated features that ensure that you get 100% clean water. This includes the Mesh and the Micro Carbon Pearls. It comes with a 25% fine Mesh that ensures that it filters all the coarse and smooth particles. The Micro carbon pearls on the other hand also work to remove all impurities. They also help to get rid of Chlorine in the water to improve on the taste. With the pearls, you get water and drinks that have a more appealing appearance. The Micro Carbon Pearls will still retain some essential minerals that are required in water.

Another amazing feature is the Ion Exchange Pearls. These ones are added to make sure that the metals contained in the water are eliminated. They also reduce the concentration of lime in the water through the elimination of copper and lead. With the two eliminated the drinks that you make including tea and coffee will have a more improved taste. The removal of lime and metals in water also ensures that the household appliances that you use to make drinks are protected.

The next feature is that the appliance has a universal fit for different types of jugs. Whether you are using an old or new Brita Maxtra jug, appliances that have partnered with the brand or any other jugs from the brand, the water filter will be a perfect fit. This gives convenience as you will not get choosy when picking jugs.

The product also has finger holes that allow easy cartridge experience. This makes the product a convenient choice for many customers. After purchasing the product, you will not be required to pre-soak it first and you can begin using it as soon as you have purchased it.


The Brita Maxtra is a product that is very easy to use. It comes with a wide range of colours to give you the luxury of choice. You will be able to save on money with the product as it will cost you less to get clean water with Brita Maxtra that it would have cost you to buy bottled water. With this product, you are not only assured of better tasting drinks but your household appliances are protected as well. This product is readily available for sale from different online and retailing shops.



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