The sitting and sleeping Sofa Bed

If chosen carefully, a sofa bed is the perfect furniture item to develop flexibility in your home. Support is what we see in a classy furniture, suitable to sleep on as well as sit on. By having that thought in mind, the quality of a seat can be judged by its features and the exterior appearances. Julian Bowen Faux Leather Supra Sofa, Brown is an ultra-modern Sofa Bed solution, designed with your sleep comfort in mind and look as chic as a Sofa Bed. Thus, if the time comes to get a new sofa bed it is necessary to select the right one and buy the sofa that is comfortable and will last so for years to come.

This faux leather finish sofa bed has a double role, creating a wonderful seating area but also quickly and easily folding into a bed if needed. The beautiful faux leather Supra sofa bed adds space-saving elegance to your living room. It is ideal for that sudden visitor or simply resting in front of the television on a lazy day watching a nice TV show, the Supra Julian Bowen is an excellent sofa bed at a lower cost.

The wipe-clean surface means it is easy to keep clean and fresh among visitors. The cushioned surface gives a supportive sleeping surface to keep your guests comfortable and make them feel welcomed. Comfort is usually acquired from cushions and that means that a cushion needs to be smooth when we feel with our fingers and loose so that your head and back will sink in it. This sofa bed comprises two identical faux leather scatter cushions. This item opens out into a single size. Giving a simple to use three position mechanism, the Supra sofa bed can be used to sit upright, recline for more comfort and sleep suitable for visitors whenever required.

Some Sofa Beds are available with additional features. For instance, The Supra sofa bed also features large internal padding on both the seat and back cover, guaranteeing that you will be comfortable sitting on the sofa or sleeping in the transformed sofa bed. The Supra is created from a steel frame, that is upholstered in a luxurious soft-touch faux leather that is available in rich chocolate colour and will look stylish in any room. Basically, Faux Leather Bed is a comfortable upholstery for all seasons, whether is wintertime or summertime. Faux leather is the most classic material that when applied on the surfaces of seats with the right colour will make the room outstanding.


  • Faux leather
  • Contemporary and timeless
  • Upholstered
  • Minimal self-assembly, 2 people required
  • Dimensions: Closed Sitting Position – 197cm X 88cm X 79cm, Open Sleeping Position – 197cm X 99cm X 46cm


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