Wyvern Taunton Right Hand Corner Chaise, Fabric, Teal

Features of the product

  • Contemporary styling with clean square lines
  • Foam filled seats
  • Soft Fibre filled backs & matching small scatters
  • Great range of pieces available

The Wyvern Taunton offers modern designing with its spotless modest lines and will improve any modern sitting room. By means of its well-designed four-sided arm and it offers the full amount of seating area with dense sizes. Comfort is certain by the bottomless foam load up the seat cushions and the soft fibre filled up back cushions which mean that a cushion must be even when we touch with our fingers and loose so that when you sit on it your head and back will sink in it and feels relaxing.

Wyvern Taunton right-hand corner chaise, fabric, teal is a comfortable Upholstered in a superb basic textured Chenille which comes with identical small throw cushions two per sofa and corner, one per chair. Taunton chenille fabric provided high strength to the sofa and is really simple to clean. What is chenille upholstery fabric? Chenille can be created from cotton or synthetic fibres like polyester. It is a soft attractive fabric that is durable if cared for properly. Chenille is made with raised rings of yarn, called pile. There are both loosely united, and tightly woven chenille fabrics.

Taunton chenille will appear different in one way compared to another, as the fibres catch the light otherwise.

Chenille can appear iridescent without using bright fibres. The yarn is commonly manufactured from cotton, but can likewise be made applying acrylic, cloth and olefin.



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