Leader Lifestyle Dos Sofa Bed in Modern Willow Grey Fabric, Wood

Leader Lifestyle is synonymous with furniture of superior quality for the best prices. The Leader Lifestyle Dos Sofa Bed is indeed very impressive. One will find it very easy and simple to assemble this sofa. The Willow Grey Fabric used to make this sofa is of excellent quality. The Dos Sofa Bed from Leader Lifestyle is considered as a minimalist furniture product since it is ideal for comparatively smaller furnishing. This is the best timely bed for the guests. The Willow fabric makes the product elegant and stylish. Though some of the users feel that the sofa is not as soft as it appears in the picture it is not a big problem. The upholstery of this bed is made of very nice fabric of high quality and this sofa bed assures the user a very comfortable night sleep. The seat is made of sprung foam. This Sofa Bed can be used either as a comfy bed for one person or a cosy bed for two people. Since the cushions are properly fixed, bringing it to the upright position or putting it back is not at all a task.

Best for your bedroom

The most amazing aspects of Leader Lifestyle Dos Sofa Bed are the quality of the materials as well as the sofa bed, the easy and quick convertibility of the sofas into bed, versatility of the furniture, the simple and easy click-clack mechanism, the amazing appearance and the affordable price. Those who buy this piece of furniture are sure to find it very useful mainly because quickly and without straining one can put the sofa up and down. The owner can assemble the sofa very easily and also it can be easily converted into an occasional bed. In this way, the Dos Sofa Bed from Leader Lifestyle assures the best value for the money one has spent to purchase this furniture product. This Sofa Bed is quite ideal for the bedroom. Those who select this product for their bedroom are assured of a firm chair as well as a comfortable bed and it is very easy to convert. The good quality materials make it a durable product. The Willow Grey Fabric makes the Dos Sofa Bed ideal for not only the bedroom but also living rooms and guest rooms.

Durable, affordable and comfortable

The frame of the Dos Sofa Bed from Leader Lifestyle is made of high-quality hardwood which makers the product sustainable. Since the wood is kiln-dried, there will not be a warping problem. The seat cushions are made of foam wrapped in fibre. The back cushions are also soft as well as durable. The slipcover can be taken out easily and can be machine washed. Though it is not a very comfy bed, those who have used this sofa for a couple of months are of the opinion that the sofa is really comfortable and it is a pleasure for them to sit on this sofa. They found that it is an excellent as well as comfortable sleeper sofa. The majority of users agree that the Dos Sofa Bed is a comfortable as well as stylish sleeper sofa which is durable and fits their budget.


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