Dream Warehouse Manhattan Bluetooth Sofa Bed, Faux Leather, White

Many a time, comfort is what we look in a classy seat. With that idea in mind, the quality of a seat can be gauged by its characteristics and even the external appearances. Dream Warehouse Manhattan is such a place where you will find seats of all kinds and you can also order customized seats that would suit your day to day need. It is important to decide on whether you want a seat to have natural leather or artificial leather and whether you want it white or in a different colour. Dream Warehouse Manhattan is always here to listen to your preferences at all times.

What is so unique with the Bluetooth Sofa Bed?

As the terms used in its name, this seat has a Bluetooth control system. When something has a Bluetooth control system, it means, that you can control the seat movement via the use of Bluetooth.  Let have a look at how the Bluetooth controls this type of sofa. It is simple, considering that it highly relies on the click-clack mechanisms, Bluetooth is handy in helping you control the conversion of the seat into whatever you want. There is a remote system also that helps you control the conversion of this sofa and you don’t need to exhaust all your energy trying to convert the sofa into a bed or into a seat. The Bluetooth mechanism will also help you in releasing the drop down drinks table which has two cup holders.

The finishing touch of faux leather

Faux leather is the most elegant material that when used on the surfaces of seats with the right colour will make the place conspicuous. Why is faux leather the best for Bluetooth sofa? The first thing to know about faux leather is the fact that it presents all the characteristics similar to those of real leather. Moreover, when faux leather is used on seats, one will be assured of water prove surface as well as an easy to clean surface. Faux leather also comes in different colours and some of them shine when polished.

Drop down drinks table with cup holders

Thanks to the converting mechanisms of the Bluetooth Sofa Bed. Just as the name suggests, this sofa can be converted into a bed as well as a seat which can be dropped down from the back. This makes it possible for you to have a drink without the need to look around for a table. This seat is the best suits and for high profile restaurants.

Loose cushions for comfort

Comfort is normally accrued from cushions and that means that a cushion has to be smooth when we feel with our fingers and loose so that your head and back will sink in it. Considering that the Bluetooth Sofa Bed is both a seat and a bed, it means that comfort must be accrued when it is a bed and when it is a seat. It is with that fact that this seat has been designed in such a way that comfort is achieved. Remember that all the parts of the chair can be assembled. These assembly supplies come in a carton and your task is just to screw them up together.



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