Vivid Descriptions of the Florence Corner Sideboard in a Room

Florence corner sideboard is a great quality popular furniture that is widely placed in the bedrooms or living rooms of many people for storage in a stylish way. Corner cupboard is the ideal choice if space is limited and can be used as a TV stand in the corner of a bedroom. 

Prime notable points about a Florence corner sideboard

  • The wooden sideboards of Florence are available in five colours, namely white, sage green, dove grey, navy blue, and truffle. However, the truffle shades are found to be more popular among the homeowners. Moreover, the entire frame of the sideboard is in truffle colour, irrespective of the colours chosen for the door panels.
  • These sideboards are mostly made of acacia hardwood, which is known to be much stronger and durable than oak or any other expensive hardwood available in the market. Moreover, it is also eco-friendly, due to the abundant growth of acacia trees. However, the highly durable pine wood or MDF are also used for manufacturing these Florence sideboards.
  • This kind of sideboard is fully assembled and thus, it is easily transportable from one place to another. It consists of a brushed top made of acacia board, two panelled doors of traditional style, one shelf board, two sets of handles made of acacia wood and the tapering back portion.
  • The door panels and the sides of this furniture are coated with matt lacquer, to make it much easier to clean for the users. The two knobs or handles are made of the same material and colour like that of the top board. Thus, this sideboard is useful furniture to adorn the kitchen or dining space of any house, where all materials need frequent cleaning.
  • The entire assembled sideboard weighs only 24 Kg, which is quite convenient to handle for the homeowners. The general height of such a cupboard is 85 cm; while the depth and width are 35 cm and 78 cm respectively. The homemakers should take note of these dimensions while assembling these sideboards according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Since it is entirely wooden furniture, the countryside or rustic style is adopted in its design, making it more preferable in common households.

Benefits of buying Florence corner sideboard for home

Florence corner sideboard is known for its sturdiness, as only the strong woods, like acacia, pine or MDF are used for this purpose. Thus, the owners can expect this sideboard to last for many years. As there is only one shelf in the entire sideboard, there is enough space for storage and enables the homemakers to store many important household items safely. The application of matt lacquer over the wooden boards helps in easy cleaning with just a clean cloth or duster every day. The truffle colour and the elegant design make this sideboard a stylish furniture that gains the appreciation of the guests when placed in the hallway or in the kitchen.

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